Homeschool Coaching Membership

Weekly coaching sessions where you can ask me anything about homeschooling.

Maybe you haven't started yet
and have questions about getting going, how homeschooling works, or whether you can even attempt it given a particular life circumstance you're in. 

Maybe you're already homeschooling
and have questions about customizing your child's education, dealing with a specific problem you're experiencing, or preparing your child for the future.

Whatever the question, you can come ask it in one of my weekly Q&A livestreams – and it's only $5 a month.

The Confident Homeschooling Solution is my best resource for those who are preparing to homeschool or just started homeschooling in the last three months but are still struggling.

The Deschooling Experience is my best resource for those who have been homeschooling for more than three months and still struggle with curriculum, routine, parent/child conflict, etc.

A family-prioritized, faith-infused, life-focused methodology
that will simplify your homeschool journey.

Helps you keep state-required records, inspire your children's curiosity, and ease your concerns about forgetting something important.

How to Homeschool Checklist & Curriculum Organizer

Everything you need to set up your short-term homeschool.

Which approach is for you? Take our methodology quiz!

Resource guide for homeschooling kids with unique needs

Resource guide for homeschooling when you have to work

Compare a variety of online homeschool programs

Homeschooling ideas for birth through age seven

Deschooling guide for parents and kids

Quick Start Guide to A.D.A.P.T. curriculum

Why Kids Won't Work

Busting the Homeschooling Myths ebook