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Through The Confident Homeschooler Program using the I. L.A.U.N.C.H. System you'll have all the information and assistance you need to launch your homeschool journey on a solid foundation that sets you up for long-term success!

The Confident Homeschooler Program can provide you with the tools, confidence, encouragement, and support you need to make a smooth transition into homeschooling or optimize your current homeschool strategy.

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Let me share with you a defining moment that brought me to where I am today – teaching parents like you how to confidently launch their own homeschool adventure and be set up for a successful first year and beyond. 

That defining moment happened in 2016, but events several years earlier put me on the path. I was an idealistic 23-year-old completing my student teaching assignment and on the cusp of graduating with my elementary education degree. I looked out at that classroom of students and thought to myself, I love teaching, but I never want to put my own children in these seats. I could already see the flaws in the conventional school system, and as much as I enjoyed being in the classroom, I knew there was a better way. 

I started my first teaching job two years after graduation– and three years later, burned out and disillusioned, I left it. I loved teaching, but the brokenness of the system, the heavy-handedness of administration, and the demands of unreasonable parents killed my passion.

I ditched teaching and became a novelist, married, and had two children – who I knew from the beginning would be homeschooled. And in 2012, not only was our oldest daughter ready to start school, but I was ready to start homeschooling! I'd researched for years, knew the curriculum I wanted to use, and could envision our days spent reading, exploring, and learning together. I couldn’t wait!

But, just as I was about to start my homeschooling adventure and dream, I had to return to teaching so we could pay the bills and keep a roof over our head.

While I went off to teach sixth grade English  at a new school in a new state (we'd moved from Orange County, California to Castle Rock, Colorado), my husband took charge of teaching our daughter, using the plan I’d created and the and curriculum I’d chosen. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as we’d expected.

To be fair, he was caught off guard. He never thought he would be the homeschooler! But the core issue was that all my planning, research, and education knowledge had not prepared us for the realities of homeschooling. For two years, he stumbled through the days, buying new curriculum only to ditch it later, testing out new methods and routines, trying to find something that worked for our two very different daughters.

When we moved to Texas in 2014, I was able to quit teaching – but as much as I wanted to focus on homeschooling, our finances were still tight, so I instead dove head-first into trying to become the next million-dollar earner in a direct sales company that I'd been with for a few years.

But 2016 dawned, and I was no more successful than I’d been when we’d moved. I had to face reality: I wasn’t cut out for the MLM world and had wasted five years and thousands of dollars on a pipe dream. I was also completely clueless as to what I was supposed to do with my life.

All I kept thinking was, Why do I keep banging my head against the wall with these “careers” that don’t fit? How did we end up in our 40’s and barely standing on our own two feet financially? I just want to help people and make a difference in their lives – but how?

That’s when the lightbulb went off, thanks to an insightful conversation with my sister-in-law. She pointed out that we'd figured out an excellent system for homeschooling our daughters, that I'd uncovered some tips, tricks, and hacks that made finding the right curriculum so much easier, and that friends from all over the country had been calling me over the last year to help them build their own homeschool plans. Maybe that was how I should be helping people?

I thought back over our own homeschool experience and how difficult those first few years had been, despite all the research I’d done and the education background I had. How much harder must it be for parents who don’t have that background or experience but find themselves needing or wanting to homeschool?

I decided to apply my knowledge and experience to a new project: creating a structured approach to the transition into homeschooling that families could use to launch their own homeschool adventure on a solid foundation, greatly increasing their chances of a successful first year and the likelihood that they would homeschool for the long-term.

In 2016 GoodSchooling was born, and I started officially coaching other parents who wanted to homeschool their children. I watched them achieve their goals and celebrated with them as their happiness and success skyrocketed! I’ve since dedicated myself to helping other independent-thinking parents to save potentially thousands of dollars in programs and resources and hundreds of hours in research and failed implementation by helping them identify the ideal curriculum, structure, and learning solutions for their children of any age, so they can deliver the perfect customized educational experience their children deserve to become lifelong learners and successful adults.

Over time, I've perfected my Confident Homeschooler Program and my I. L.A.U.N.C.H. System, a series of nine important inner and outer steps every new homeschooling family needs to tackle in order to create a solid foundation for their homeschool so they can deliver the best customized education possible for their children and build a loving, happy family at the same time.

Who are your clients?

I work with people just like you: parents who are motivated to give their children the education they deserve while their family develops a stronger bond and can pursue the kind of life they dream of living.

  • Parents whose children are being failed by the system because the system can’t handle their academic, physical, or emotional needs.
  • Parents whose children are on the path to be professional athletes, performers, or artists and need an educational approach that is as unique as they are.
  • Parents who feel called to provide their children’s education away from the indoctrination and brokenness of the public school system.
  • Parents who want to travel the world with their family (or even just the country) rather than being locked into a predictable life.

What makes you different from other homeschool coaches?

I have a unique skill set which allows me to deliver what my clients need. My education background equips me to analyze a student’s needs and then create a customized approach and select the best curriculum that will set that student up for success. My homeschooling background equips me to identify the obstacles and pitfalls that a family is likely to encounter in their first year and problem-solve solutions with them ahead of time. I have first-hand experience on which to draw to help clients troubleshoot issues like juggling homeschooling and working full- or part-time, working with a student with behavioral or learning difficulties, and working with multiple children whose learning styles and personalities require different approaches and curriculum. And my natural gifts of communication, problem-solving, and analysis allow me to give my clients top-notch training and assistance so they are prepared and confident when they launch their homeschool adventure.

My goal is to get to you homeschooling as quickly as possible in a way that ensures long-term success.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The Confident Homeschooler Program and  I. L.A.U.N.C.H. System were created for parents who are excited and motivated to give their children a superior education that is tailored specifically to them. This means parents need to be willing to invest the time and effort in the course that is necessary to achieve the kind of life-changing outcomes that are possible. This course was created to get you prepared to homeschool in as little as one month, provided you’re willing to prioritize your coaching.

Parents must also be willing to let go of the conventional views of what education looks like and create new views that can open them and their children up to a much more rewarding, refreshing, and enjoyable approach to learning. This can be a difficult process for some, particularly those who have an education background themselves. Trusting in my process, which has led families to successful homeschooling since 2016, is imperative for the system to work!

Being a passionate, relational person myself, I work best with parents who are willing to connect emotionally with me and let me into their world, who are willing to make sacrifices of time, effort, and resources to give their children what they really need, and who are willing to trust me and my system and follow my advice. Consider this program and our time together as a high-octane crash course on everything you need to know to launch your homeschool adventure with confidence. You will be expected to make changes – and, quite possibly, sacrifices – but they will open the doors to a richer experience and family life and will be well worth it!

For what type of person are your programs not going to work?

Not every family is a good fit for The Confident Homeschooler Program. I hand-pick my clients based on my confidence in the program’s ability to deliver the results they’re looking for, as well as on the parents’ motivation and willingness to do the necessary work. Because there are a large number of factors at play in successful homeschooling (and successful homeschool coaching), I cannot in good conscience enter into a coaching agreement if any of them appear to be beyond the help of myself and my system. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Families where one parent is not on board with homeschooling. This also includes families where a divorced parent who does not live with the child but still has a say in educational decisions does not support homeschooling. All adults who have control over the child’s education must be in agreement that homeschooling is a viable option, and they must also be willing to concede control to the main homeschooling parent. I strongly encourage both parents to go through the coaching together, so they are on the same page at the end of the program.
  • Parents who plan to turn all their homeschooling over to a tutor, online program, or hybrid homeschool program (where children attend classes 2-3 times a week and complete homework at home on the off days). These are great ways to homeschool, for sure, but the parent is relegated to more of a support role with these approaches. This program is for parents who want to play an integral part in their child’s education and either deliver or facilitate the majority of it themselves.  
  • Parents who only plan to homeschool for the short-term or who plan to enroll/re-enroll their child in conventional school. When families are not willing to homeschool long-term (or at least willing to move in that direction), it creates a “Plan B” mentality that prohibits them from fully investing themselves in homeschooling and tends to result in a sub-optimal homeschooling approach and experience.
  • Parents who are already homeschooling and are just looking to troubleshoot a particular facet of their approach. The one exception to this would be those who have homeschooled for a school year or less after diving in with little to no pre-planning or research.
  • Parents who are experiencing significant levels of conflict with their child, or whose child is adamantly against being homeschooled. While my program does include some parent-child relationship coaching, it is no substitute for full-fledged parent coaching or professional counseling.
  • Parents who aren’t willing to change (their views, their habits, their skepticism), make sacrifices (of time, money, effort), go against the mainstream (since homeschooling is still considered quite countercultural, particularly in certain states), or invest in their family and children’s futures.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently only available to those living in the United States. I do plan to expand it internationally, however. To receive updates on this availability, please join the GoodSchooling Community by leaving us your email address in the form at the bottom of the homepage.

What exactly is the I. L.A.U.N.C.H. System and what does it include?

The I. L.A.U.NC.H. System begins with understanding that homeschooling is not simply the conventional school approach done at home, but is instead your opportunity to partner with your child to guide and facilitate the development of their natural curiosity. My system includes nine modules that cover all the information you need so you can confidently say, “I  L.A.U.N.C.H. my own homeschool adventure!”

I – analyzing the individuals involved. Two separate modules make up this facet of the program. First, you’ll look at your own homeschooling personality, educational philosophy, and personal values in the Parent module. Next, in the Student module, you’ll analyze both your child’s basic personality and their learning personality, what special needs you may have to address, and how to identify and potentially eliminate conflict between the two of you before it even arises.

L – examining the laws for homeschooling in your state. In this module, we’ll discuss common law elements/requirements, find clarity on what exactly you need to do to “color within the lines” of your state’s homeschool laws, and the importance of legal support/representation.  

A – methods for archiving and storage of work and materials. Homeschooling means having a lot more stuff to keep track of – and, in some cases, you’ll be legally required to hold on to it for multiple years at a time. We’ll hammer out the right method for you, so your house isn’t overrun with notebooks and projects!

U – how to undo the school mentality. The effects of conventional school can run deep and be hard to shake off – especially for the parent. We’ll talk about deschooling: what it looks like, why it’s necessary, and how to know when you’re ready to move on to homeschooling.

N – who are your neighbors in the homeschooling world? Finding a tribe, be it online or in-person, can significantly increase the likelihood that you’ll continue homeschooling for the long run. It also helps to have outside resources, like support groups and extracurriculars for your children. We’ll talk about the options and how to find what works for you!

C – choosing curriculum. It’s the most overwhelming (and in most cases, the most expensive) aspect of homeschooling. But the I. L.A.U.N.C.H. System makes it so much easier – and can save you potentially thousands of dollars in programs that don't work for you or your child.

H – determining how you homeschool. Having all the homeschooling stuff is very different from actually using all the homeschooling stuff! Two modules make up this aspect of the program. The first helps you create your own homeschool methodology, so you have a roadmap for where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. The second helps you decide how to actually implement that roadmap.

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work together is a practical, workable homeschool plan that is tailored to your family, and new-found confidence in yourself as a homeschooler, your children as learners, and in the very concept of homeschooling itself.

Every coach wants to hear people use the word "transformational" when talking about their time together. Read what Jennifer B. wrote:

"This has been a transformational process for our entire family! We were anxious, but our coaching sessions with Alison put our minds at ease. We went from being nervous and scared to confident and elated. I was worried I would be overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions to be made, but Alison helped us discover what works best for our son and he is thriving as a result.” 

And Linnaea F. is a perfect example of a parent willing to do what's best for her child:

"Alison showed me how to be responsive to my daughter's needs and transition to homeschooling. With her support and guidance, we are embarking on our homeschooling journey together. She is excited, and I feel empowered to make this change."

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • have a fully-formed homeschool plan including your own philosophy and how to implement it in your daily activity, what curriculum to use and how to use it, and where to find support for both you and your children;
  • have more confidence in homeschooling as a viable educational method;
  • have more confidence in your child’s ability to learn at home;
  • have more confidence in and peace of mind about your ability to provide your child with the education they deserve;
  • find freedom from the constraints of the conventional schooling method and philosophy;
  • have more time as a family to enjoy life!

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on how quickly you can move through the modules. The more time you’re able to devote to working through the assignments, the faster you’ll be able to progress. Some modules require more work than others and may take a bit longer, but others are quite short and don’t take as much time.

Alison, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from, but I still have a few questions. How can I connect with you and find out more about my options?

Congratulations on making a decision for homeschooling success! I would love to work with you to achieve your homeschooling goals. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page  – you'll be able to schedule a call so we can talk through your questions and go over your options!

What We're Going To Figure Out

It's easy to get overwhelmed, but like most things, successful homeschooling comes down to figuring out a handful of fundamentals and making some key decisions. During our coaching, we're going to tackle each of these essential steps together. When we're done you will have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, a plan in place, and confidence going forward.

The Law

I'll help you get clear on your state's laws and connect you with support groups. I'll also explain how to keep records, file the required paperwork to withdraw your children from public school, and more.

Learning Styles

The learning style quiz and learning personality resource helps you get a better handle on your child’s personality so you can select curriculum and create a methodology that suits them well and makes learning fun for them (and teaching easy for you).


My methodology quiz helps you determine the approach your family will take to homeschooling. It also provides valuable guidance for you as you select curriculum options and create your implementation plan. 


To save you time, money, and frustration, we analyze multiple factors — like your priorities, methodology, budget, and children’s learning styles — to help us select two or three curriculum options for each subject.

Support & Resources

I'll provide a comprehensive list of online resources, as well as show you how to find local enrichment classes, co-ops, field trips, and more so you can connect with a homeschooling community that suits you.

Strategy & Implementation

I'll teach you how to create a customized implementation plan so you know what to actually do each day. We can also talk about how to best prepare your children for their post-graduation pursuits.

Image of Jamie

"Alison took the time to get to know me and my son. She is a great listener and very knowledgeable, but also open to learning new things. I loved exploring the options that best fit our situation. I also know she will be there for me if I need her.

~ Jamie M.

Travel Agent from Cypress, TX

20 percent off future homeschool coaching and consulting services


Future Consulting Discount

Stuff happens. Things change. I can help you navigate those changes and ensure your homeschooling situation has the best chance of not only surviving, but thriving. All Confident Homeschooler clients receive a 20% discount on future consulting services.

Are You Ready To Homeschool?

Great! It's easy to get started. Just click here to schedule your Homeschool Exploration call. You'll receive an email with some questions that will help me learn about you, your family, and your situation, and pre-call tasks that will help you learn more about me and my program. Be sure to answer the questions in the email as soon as possible so I have the time I need to prepare for our call.

There's no financial commitment necessary at this time. We will discuss the program investment once we mutually agree that The Confident Homeschooler program is your best option.

I currently work with a limited number of Confident Homeschooler clients a month to ensure each family receives the time and attention they deserve. If I am unable to work with you this month, you will be notified of your place on the waitlist and will not pay anything until we begin.

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My Confident Homeschooler Program Includes:

Nine 60-minute coaching calls

Ten video-based modules

A course workbook and dozens of downloadable resources

20% discount on all future consulting services

So get your homeschool adventure started on the right foot and schedule a Homeschool Exploration call today. I look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the coaching process take?

The entire coaching process usually takes nine or ten weeks to complete. It may take longer, depending on the time you have available to work on the course.

Do you offer refunds?

Coaching and consultation services are non-refundable. I do, however, make every effort to ensure that we are a great fit for each other before either of us commit to anything. Our Homeschool Exploration call will help us determine that this is the right program for you and that I can help you with the issues you're facing. You can schedule that here. You'll receive an email after you schedule that will ask you some questions so I can get to know you and your family and the concerns you have. Be sure to reply to that email as soon as possible so I'm prepared for our call.

My goal is to help you homeschool. If I can do that, I will. If I believe there are better options available for you, I will let you know that, too.

I'm not sure we're a good fit.

If you're looking for a a systematized program that will walk you through building a solid foundation from which you can launch your homeschool journey, and a coach to provide you with feedback and assistance when you get stuck or confused, then this is probably the program for you.

I invite you to schedule a Homeschool Exploration call, during which we can discuss any concerns you have that make you wonder about our fit. You'll receive an email after you schedule that will ask you some questions so I can get to know you and your family and the concerns you have. Be sure to reply to that email as soon as possible so I'm prepared for our call.

Is Something Holding You Back?

Schedule a Homeschool Exploration call and we'll talk! My goal is to help you homeschool. If I can, I'll tell you. If I think there are better options out there for you, I'll let you know that, too.  This is all about you and your family. I'm here to serve you. Let's figure out the best way forward together.