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You can homeschool, we can help! GoodSchooling offers a wide range of services to suit every need and budget.

GoodSchooling's variety of services are designed to empower parents by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to homeschool their children with confidence.

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We've been in your shoes.

Frustrated with the conventional school system, convinced there's a better way to educate your children – but overwhelmed and confused by all the options and terrified you'll do it wrong. We remember the feeling well.

It's that frustration – and the years of trial and error that followed – that drove us to create GoodSchooling and to develop our unique approach to the homeschool transition and launch.

Over the last few years we've streamlined and fine-tuned this system, and now we're excited to offer three different options to help you homeschool with confidence!

Three Ways GoodSchooling Can Help You Homeschool

Option #1: The GoodSchooling Blog

Like to do your own research and draw your own conclusions? The GoodSchooling Blog is a great place to start!

Content-rich, detailed articles provide the DIYer with the information they need to piece together their own homeschool program.

Feel free to click over and read through the articles however you want – but if you'd like a more structured approach, then this is our recommendation:

Option #2: The Confident Homeschooler Coaching Program

You want to homeschool, but you want some help figuring it all out. The Confident Homeschooler Program is exactly what you need.

Powered by my unique L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure online course, the Confident Homeschooler combines self-paced, video-based guidance with group support and personal coaching as you go through the homeschool transition, leaving no stone unturned so you build a solid foundation for long-term homeschooling success. (To learn more about the online course, click here.)

We have three Confident Homeschooler packages to choose from, allowing families to find a solution that works for both their budget and their needs.

• Silver Package: Our basic package provides lifetime access to our online course, L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure and sixth months of free membership in our private online course support Facebook group, where I conduct weekly Q&A livestreams and members engage in mastermind-style group support. As we roll out new bonus content for the online course, you'll have the option of purchasing access to it if it looks helpful for you. Dealing with a sticky situation that needs more help? Silver package clients can always schedule a coaching session to work one-on-one with me!

The Gold Package is for you if you like the idea of having an expert in your back pocket just in case! Not only do you get lifetime access to L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure, but you will also receive access to all future bonus content as we add it to the program, six months of free access to our private Facebook course support group, and 20% off one-on-one coaching sessions for those times when you'd like some private, expert assistance.

The Platinum Package provides the most value and the most support: lifetime access to L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure, all future bonus content, a year of free membership in our online course support Facebook group, and five one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss any questions or concerns you have or to help you through the course itself. You'll also receive 20% off future coaching sessions!

Confident Homeschooler Package Details FINAL FINAL

What do we mean when we say, "Bonus Content?"

We plan to continue adding to the L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure program over time in order to provide families with even more content that will give them even more confidence in their homeschooling journey. Our first addition will be a video library of interviews with a variety of experts on topics such as college preparation, homeschooling children with special needs, early childhood education, and the various homeschool methodologies. We are currently in the process of identifying and reaching out to those experts, and we will add those videos in as they are created. Our goal is to get at least three up by the end of summer 2019,  and to have the library complete by the end of 2019.

What do we mean when we say, "Coaching  Session?"

Coaching sessions are a chance for you to talk one-on-one with me about anything homeschool related. They may be directly connected to the course (for example, you may want to schedule a call when trying to decide between different curriculum programs so you can get another opinion on what would suit your children best) or it may be related to  a specific issue you're experiencing in your homeschool (like how to teach a particular subject to a child with a certain learning disability). Session last 50 minutes and are conducted via Zoom, and you can schedule them whenever you need them through my online scheduling link – they never expire!

Option #3: Customized Homeschool Program

The VIP-level program is a fully customized, all-encompassing white-glove service for those who need to get started with homeschooling as quickly as possible and are willing to hand over the reins (and all the work!) to a seasoned and  knowledgeable homeschool veteran and coach.

First, we engage in an in-depth interview so I can get to know you, your children, your needs, and your homeschooling goals. I then assign a small number of tasks to you to do that give me more information to work with. Once I have that data, I then take all I've learned so far and begin to create a completely customized and personalized comprehensive homeschool program.

A second interview allows me to fine-tune that plan; get your feedback and insight on the curriculum, schedule, and implementation plan that I've created; and ensure I've taken all your desires into consideration. Depending on all I learn during that interview, I may assign another handful of tasks for you and/or your children to complete to fill in whatever gaps in my knowledge about you that may still exist.

Once I receive that information, I finish up your report, and when I'm done, you receive a homeschool manual that tells you exactly what curriculum to purchase, what to do with that curriculum, what local and online resources and supports to get in touch with, and more.

But this comprehensive homeschool roadmap is just the beginning. VIP families also receive:

  • a valuable resource reference guide PDF chock-full of guidance and information on a variety of topics, as well as links to scores of online resources like classes,  support groups, curriculum buying options, and more, which is updated and rereleased to families annually,
  • free lifetime membership in my Facebook-based support group,
  • lifetime access to all bonus material I release for the Confident Homeschooler program,
  • ten follow-up coaching sessions redeemable at any time in the future,
  • and 50% off any future coaching sessions after that.

Given the level of time, effort, and trust required, I am highly selective about the families I work with on the Customized Homeschool Program and only work with one VIP program family at a time. If you read through the following descriptions and feel your family would be a good fit, fill out the form linked at the end of the page and we can conduct a brief introductory "get-to-know-you" call to ensure we will work well together!

What the Custom Homeschool Program Covers

It's easy to get overwhelmed, but like most things, successful homeschooling comes down to figuring out a handful of fundamentals and making some key decisions. During our time together, we're going to tackle each of these essential steps and decisions. When we're done you will have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, a fully customized plan in place, and confidence going forward.

The Law

I'll help you get clear on your state's laws and connect you with support groups. I'll also explain how to keep records, file the required paperwork to withdraw your children from public school, and more.

Learning Styles

The learning style quiz and learning personality resource helps me get a better handle on your child’s personality so I can select curriculum and create a methodology that suits you both well and makes learning fun for them (and teaching easy for you).


My methodology quiz helps you determine the approach your family will take to homeschooling. It also provides valuable guidance for us as I select curriculum options for you and create your implementation plan. 


To save you time, money, and frustration, we analyze multiple factors (like your priorities, methodology, budget, and children’s learning styles) to help me select one to two curriculum options for each subject.

Support & Resources

I'll provide a comprehensive list of online resources, as well as show you how to find local enrichment classes, co-ops, field trips, and more so you can connect with a homeschooling community that suits you.

Strategy & Implementation

Based on your feedback, I'll create a customized implementation plan so you know what to actually do each day. We will also talk about how to best prepare your children for their post-graduation pursuits.

In case you're wondering...

What makes me different from other homeschool coaches:

I have a unique skill set which allows me to deliver what my clients need. My education background equips me to analyze a student’s needs and then create a customized approach and select the best curriculum that will set that student up for success. My homeschooling background equips me to identify the obstacles and pitfalls that a family is likely to encounter in their first year and problem-solve solutions with them ahead of time. I have first-hand experience on which to draw to help clients troubleshoot issues like juggling homeschooling and working full- or part-time, working with a student with behavioral or learning difficulties, and working with multiple children whose learning styles and personalities require different approaches and curriculum. And my natural gifts of communication, problem-solving, and analysis allow me to give my clients top-notch training and assistance so they are prepared and confident when they launch their homeschool adventure.

My goal is to get to you homeschooling as quickly as possible in a way that ensures long-term success.

Does my program really work?

Yes! The result of our work together is a practical, workable homeschool plan that is tailored to your family, and new-found confidence in yourself as a homeschooler, your children as learners, and in the very concept of homeschooling itself.

Every coach hopes to hear their clients use the word "transformational" when talking about their time together. Read what Jennifer B. wrote:

"This has been a transformational process for our entire family! We were anxious, but our coaching sessions with Alison put our minds at ease. We went from being nervous and scared to confident and elated. I was worried I would be overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions to be made, but Alison helped us discover what works best for our son and he is thriving as a result.” 

And Linnaea F. is a perfect example of a parent willing to do what's best for her child:

"Alison showed me how to be responsive to my daughter's needs and transition to homeschooling. With her support and guidance, we are embarking on our homeschooling journey together. She is excited, and I feel empowered to make this change."

What results you can expect:

You can expect to:

  • have a fully-formed homeschool plan including your own philosophy and how to implement it in your daily activity, what curriculum to use and how to use it, and where to find support for both you and your children;
  • have more confidence in homeschooling as a viable educational method;
  • have more confidence in your child’s ability to learn at home;
  • have more confidence in and peace of mind about your ability to provide your child with the education they deserve;
  • find freedom from the constraints of the conventional schooling method and philosophy;
  • have more time as a family to enjoy life!

If you still have questions:

If the Custom Homeschool Program sounds like a good fit for your family but you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me on my contact page. Let me know you're considering the Custom Homeschool Program, then share whatever questions or concerns you have, and I'll be in touch!

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"Alison took the time to get to know me and my son. She is a great listener and very knowledgeable, but also open to learning new things. I loved exploring the options that best fit our situation. I also know she will be there for me if I need her.

~ Jamie M.

Travel Agent from Cypress, TX

"I'm Ready - Let's Start!"

I'm so excited to help you get started with your own homeschool adventure! Just select the option that suits your needs:

Option #1: The Blog:
Click here to start reading!

Option #2: The Confident Homeschooler Program:
Click here to enroll in the package of your choice!

Option #3: The Custom Homeschool Program:
Click here to fill out the enrollment request form, then I will send you a link where you can book our introductory call. This call will allow us to talk in person and ensure we are a good fit for each other, as well as allow us to both confirm that the Custom Homeschool Program is your best option. At that time, we will also discuss the financial investment (and payment plan if necessary).


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Is Something Holding You Back?

Schedule a Homeschool Exploration call and we'll talk! My goal is to help you homeschool. If I can, I'll tell you. If I think there are better options out there for you, I'll let you know that, too.  This is all about you and your family. I'm here to serve you. Let's figure out the best way forward together.