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There’s no shortage of homeschooling blogs. So why Read ours?

It seems like every homeschooling mom out there (and a few dads, too!) have their own homeschooling blog. They post things like curriculum unboxing photos, product reviews, their daily schedule, and suggestions for arranging your homeschooling space and materials – all relevant and helpful subjects, for sure! Many post resources they have created themselves and make a business selling them to other homeschoolers. They’re in the trenches like the rest of us homeschoolers, so they’re able to share encouragement with parents who are facing struggles or frustrations or doubts.

And these blogs are all awesome! There’s something for everyone out there. Reading them is a great way to see how other families homeschool and get an idea of what it looks like on a day-in/day-out level. When you find another family whose approach looks similar to yours, it can be so helpful to see how they implement the various aspects of that methodology and how they tweak and customize it.

So why throw our hat into the ring? What makes GoodSchooling’s blog different?

The GoodSchooling Difference

Our goal is to edify, equip, and empower families in their homeschooling journey. We want to help families make the transition to homeschooling and recalibrate when necessary to continue homeschooling. To do that, we offer our top homeschool coaching advice here on the blog.

Our articles are content-rich and chock-full of out-bound links to point readers to even more awesome content. They’re created to give readers all the info they need on that topic to get started with homeschooling and/or “level up” their homeschooling experience. We want DIY homeschoolers and research fanatics to be able to find everything they need right here to get started.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

When I first envisioned my VIP Program, I knew I would need my own customized quizzes, checklists, and step-by-step systems to help me help my clients. But once I’d made those resources, I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself when they could help so many other families homeschool too! So our articles feature many of the same tools and strategies I use with my coaching clients, free of charge.

The GoodSchooling Approach

Because we’re not driven by advertising, we aren’t going to try to post every day – or even every week. We believe in quality over quantity. We want all our articles to provide solid content that is worth your time and will help you make big strides forward in your journey toward or through homeschooling.

Articles like these take a long time to research, write, edit, and enhance with graphics and content upgrades. That mean we can’t post on a predictable schedule. (It’s another reason why you’ll want to sign up for our mailing list – so you’ll know when we’ve posted another in-depth article.) We think you’ll agree, though, that the articles are worth the wait.

Above all, we want to make sure we’re giving people what they need to be edified, equipped, and encouraged on their homeschooling journey. To do that, we need to hear from you! Comment on the articles and give us your feedback, good and bad. We’ll update, revise, and expand those articles as needed to ensure we’re meeting the needs people have. Don’t see an article on something you’re really curious about or really need help with? Use our contact page to let us know!

The GoodSchooling Future

For many years, I was a novelistchildren’s book co-author along with my husband Dan, and an elementary and middle school teacher. (Not all at the same time, thankfully!) Our blog allows me to keep hitting all those sweet spots. I get to write. I get to teach. I get to inspire and coach. I get to influence the next generation. I even get to be a student myself as I learn about new and better ways to help you! #lifelonglearner

This past year we released the L.A.U.N.C.H. Your Own Homeschool Adventure video course and the Confident Homeschooler Coaching program to help parents in their quest to homeschool. We even reworked the VIP Program to make it more all-encompassing. But we’re not done! We have big plans for the future that will bring even more tools, assistance, and confidence-boosting coaching to new and current homeschooling parents everywhere.

Until then, we’ll continue bringing you the articles that get you going and give you the starting point and information you need to begin your own homeschool journey.

I know in my heart that homeschooling is the right move for so many families, but their fears combined with prevailing myths and misconceptions often hold them back. Having the opportunity to help them overcome those obstacles is an incredible privilege. I’m excited to see where we go – and even more excited to do it with you!

Happy reading, y’all! And don’t forget to leave a comment about what kinds of articles you want to see on the GoodSchooling blog!

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