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Hi! We’re Dan and Alison. We created GoodSchooling to serve two types of people. First, anyone who wants to learn about homeschooling, decide if it’s right for them, and if it is, make the transition as smoothly as possible. Second, homeschooling families interested in refining and optimizing their current program and preparing for the road ahead.

A Little About Us

We’re a couple of entrepreneurs, writers, and homeschooling parents. We live north of Houston, TX with our two daughters, and while the heat, humidity, and bugs take a toll, we love it here for a lot of reasons – including the fact that Texas is a very homeschooling-friendly state!

We knew early on that we wanted to homeschool. It jived with our faith, educational philosophy, and lifestyle. We were also convinced that it was going to be the best option for our girls. Why?

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The Harsh Reality

Because for six years, while teaching in both public and private schools, Alison witnessed first-hand the inconsistent results and often detrimental side-effects of conventional schooling.

  • Having to teach the same lessons the same way to everyone meant the information stuck with some and not with others.
  • Disciplinary and behavioral issues wasted precious time.
  • Teachers were robbed of the opportunity to go deeper on topics students needed help with or were excited to learn more about due to strict curriculum requirements from the administration or simply a lack of time.
  • And plenty more!

The Payoff

Sure, it hasn't always been easy. We've made a lot of sacrifices – both us and our kids – but it's always been worth it. The flexibility. The customizability. The opportunity to play such an integral part in our children's education (and, by extension, their lives). We wouldn't have it any other way.

A Little About You

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you're contemplating some of the same things we did all those years ago: the cost, the effectiveness, the time it will take. Or maybe you’re concerned about your ability to teach, or about what others will think, or whether your children will be adequately prepared for college and "the real world." There are so many things to consider!

Maybe you're already homeschooling but have lingering questions or concerns. Are you using a curriculum that matches your child's learning style? What is your child's learning style? What is your teaching style? Is your current approach sustainable? Are you nervous about what the middle school or high school years may bring and wonder if you're up to the challenge? Do you just want to make sure you're on the right track?

You've Got This

We’ve been doing this from day one, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We understand the questions, doubts, and concerns people have because we had them too. Fortunately, through a lot of trial and error, we found the answers and resources we needed to help us make informed, confident decisions going forward. We want to help you do the same – but with a lot less trial and error – which is why we created GoodSchooling.

A Little About GoodSchooling

We strongly believe in the power and importance of homeschooling, and more and more families are coming to the same conclusion as they discover the conventional school system isn't the best fit for them

Considering Homeschooling?

Unfortunately, a lot of parents have a hard time making the transition to homeschooling. They hear conflicting information about effectiveness, legality, and what it takes to homeschool. They’re overwhelmed by methodologies, curriculum, and logistics. Or maybe they haven’t even considered those things yet because they can’t get past all the myths and misconceptions that paint homeschoolers and homeschooling in a negative light.

Already Homeschooling?

Even the most experienced homeschooling families discover new challenges as children grow and situations and needs change. When schooling gets stale and you feel stuck in a rut, what do you do?

Enter GoodSchooling

GoodSchooling is all about us breaking down barriers and helping you achieve your homeschooling goals. Through our blog, publications, courses, coaching — and anything else we come up with — we want to:

Share the truth about homeschooling.

Demonstrate the homeschooling options available to you.

Help you determine the best approach for your family.

Train and equip you for a smooth transition into homeschooling.

Help you refine and optimize your current homeschooling strategy.

Offer the encouragement, support, and assistance you need for the road ahead.

Thanks For Stopping By

GoodSchooling is the best place to learn more about homeschooling and discover whether it might be a good fit for you and your family. Browse around, check out the blog, grab our free Busting The Homeschooling Myths ebook, and consider our services. And if you have any questions or just want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you.